Reviews of the book Content Licensing

Journal of the Medical Library Association

Content Licensing is excellent for learning the basics of what is needed for the digital resource market. While it delves into the areas necessary for the process, it touches lightly on most processes. This book is not an in-depth, how-to for any of the many steps needed to produce, license, and deliver electronic products. Instead, it is an introduction to what is involved. Upshall has written an easy book for readers to find out what they do not know.

Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services (Winter 2010)

This book, which provides a holistic perpective on content licensing, has arrived in a timely manner. Just flicking through the contents page, one has an immediate feel for how expansive the area of content licensing is ... the discussion is nicely interspersed with relevant examples and case studies ... Highly recommended to those with an interest in content licensing - from content authors to content consumers and anyone in between.

Multimedia Information and Technology

A lot of work has clearly gone into writing the book ... the strengths of the book are that it isn't written from a single viewpoint, but tries to see things from the perspective of the whole range of stakeholders involved ... it is packed with lots of industry examples covering many different business models and best practices"
Paul Pedley, Multimedia Information & Technology, Vol 36 no 3, August 2010